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Prevent COVID-19 Vaccine Errors

December 17, 2021 CEimpact Season 1 Episode 9
CEimpact Podcast
Prevent COVID-19 Vaccine Errors
Show Notes

In the past several weeks, there have been news reports about pharmacies, health care clinics, and remote vaccination clinics giving the wrong dose of a vaccine.  Before these reports, there were also stories of health care providers inappropriately diluting the Pfizer vaccine resulting in a wrong dose delivered to adult patients.  Whenever we hear about these news reports, it causes most health care providers to become concerned, stressed, and anxious as to how to mitigate these types of errors.  

 This week’s Level Up episode offers you concrete tools to mitigate your risk, regardless of your practice setting.  

Suzanne Feeney, PharmD
VP, Business Development, CEimpact

Randy P. McDonough, BS, MS, PharmD, BCGP, BCPS
CEO, Towncrest Pharmacy Corp
CIO, Seguridad, Inc

We’ll address 3 specific measures you can take to minimize your risk: 

  • Online Scheduling  
  • Appointment procedures  
  • Pediatric Considerations  

Links to Resources  

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