CEimpact Podcast

Teaching Introductory Learners

December 22, 2021
CEimpact Podcast
Teaching Introductory Learners
Show Notes

Pharmacy students change and evolve immensely from the moment they walk into pharmacy school to the moment they graduate. At each step along the way, their educational needs change as well. And of course, each student is uniquely different regardless of where they are on their pharmacy school journey. As a preceptor, you must meet each of them where they are. Join us as we discuss challenges preceptors may face with introductory learners, regardless of where they are on their journey. We will equip you with actionable strategies applicable regardless of pratice environment.

Guest Host
Huy Hoang, PharmD
Coordinator for Experiential Advancement|Assistant Professor
Pacific University School of Pharmacy

Guest Expert
Joseph Tran, PharmD, RPh
Lead Pharmacist Consultant
Geneva Woods Pharmacy, Anchorage, AK

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Teaching the Science of Safety to APPE and IPPE Students

  • Identify opportunities for "teaching moments" and turn students pharmacists into resources for patient safety initiatives.

Tools to Facilitate Student Success with Your Learning Experience

  • Preceptors often don’t feel they have time or know how to go about creating an appropriate amount of structure within the experiences they provide for student pharmacists. In this CPE course, preceptors have the opportunity to learn and apply simple quality improvement techniques to maintain and enhance their learning experience.

Topic Discussion to Promote Learner Growth

  • This course provides preceptors with rationale for utilizing topic discussions as well as methods for incorporating topic discussions into their rotations. Seasoned preceptors will also gain insight on how to take their existing topic discussions to the next level through practical ways to revitalize and revamp these learning experiences.  

Special thanks to the  Northwest Pharmacy Experiential Consortium, who helped conceive the concept for this podcast and assisted it in its launch. Collaboration is one of CEimpact’s core values, and we are grateful for their partnership.