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Helping Students Transition to Employment

December 01, 2021 CEimpact
CEimpact Podcast
Helping Students Transition to Employment
Show Notes

Repost Episode: A degree is pharmacy is incredibly versatile - from health-systems and long-term care facilities to community pharmacies and managed care - pharmacists are an integral part of healthcare. Sometimes, students may pursue additional training through residency programs.

How can you prepare your students?

  • Pearl 1: Preparing for an interview.
  • Pearl 2: How to quickly evaluate a resume/CV
  • Pearl 3: Finding the first career step.

Want more education on this topic? Visit these courses at www.CEimpact.com!

Helping Your Students Get Ready for Interviews

  • Help your students and residents shine during the interview process. Learn how to coach your students to success, including tips on etiquette and preparation. Additionally, you'll hear from both an experienced Residency Director and Student Preceptor about what's worked well for them. 

How to Evaluate a CV

  • How can you help your students and residents prepare for their future? This brief course provides tips on how to critically review a CV. We spend time reviewing an example CV so you can learn what to look for and how to constructively share feedback. Leave this session with a tool to guide you through the process of CV evaluation.

Rotations and Residencies and Jobs, Oh My! Helping Your Students Decide What's Next

  • This continuing pharmacy education course provides tools and guidance to preceptors and mentors on how to help students navigate their next steps into the profession. Participate in this course to discuss advanced pharmacy practice experience selection, position application preparation, and residency recruitment; as well as how to have meaningful discussions with students on how to manage these stressful processes and decisions.

Writing Letters of Recommendation that Matter

  • It’s a common scenario: an APPE student is applying to residency programs and asks you as a preceptor to write a letter of recommendation. How do you write a letter that stands out? This course offers practical strategies for writing a letter that is personalized and impactful. Hear tips on what to ask from the student requesting a letter as well as how to handle a situation where you don’t feel comfortable writing a letter of recommendation.

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