CEimpact Podcast

Taking Care of You (and Your Students!)

November 24, 2021 Season 1 Episode 8
CEimpact Podcast
Taking Care of You (and Your Students!)
Show Notes

Burnout in healthcare is very real, now perhaps more than ever. And while giving back to the profession through precepting sounds noble, it can often be seen as just one more challenge on a long list. Tune into this episode to explore how to better balance work, life, and teaching in a way that is fulfilling for both you and your students.

Jennifer Chang, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Associate Professor | Director of Preceptor Development
University of Washington School of Pharmacy

Guest Experts:

Caitlin Blomquist, M.Ed.
Director of Advising and Student Success
Office of Professional Pharmacy Education
UW School of Pharmacy

Todd Winkler, PharmD
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Washington
Clinical Pharmacist, Family Medicine Clinic and General Medicine at Swedish Medical Center (Cherry Hill) 

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It's Time to Be Thriving: Starting with the Whole You

  • Many pharmacists are facing professional burnout due to increasing workload in practice and demands in their role as preceptors. Listen in to start transitioning your mindset from a survival mentality to experiencing a thriving pharmacy career by promoting a culture of well-being through precepting.

Feeling the Burn? The Impact of Burnout in the Pharmacy Profession

  • Explore the research on causes, risk factors, and prevention of burnout in order to be more effective in your work.

Managing Time as a Preceptor

  • Does precepting take time? Sure it does. But students can also be a great asset and contribute in significant ways to practice site initiatives and improvements when provided the right amount of structure, guidance, and autonomy. 

Special thanks to the  Northwest Pharmacy Experiential Consortium, who helped conceive the concept for this podcast and assisted it in its launch. Collaboration is one of CEimpact’s core values, and we are grateful for their partnership.