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Quality > Quantity

November 05, 2021 CEimpact
CEimpact Podcast
Quality > Quantity
Show Notes

With so many pharmacies part of performance networks, quality measures become critically important to many aspects of business, including reimbursement. In this week's conversation, Jake Galdo talks with Randy McDonough, co-owner of Towncrest Pharmacy Corp, about utilizing pharmacy technicians and technology to provide the pharmacist time to devote to quality patient care.


1. Pharmacies are measured by a number of metrics based on patient outcomes, but there are flaws because pharmacies are often penalized for patients not following treatment plans. Other issues include:

  • The level of analysis - a measure designed for plans using health-plan data applied to a pharmacy that doesn't have the same data set
  • The cutoffs (or threshold of performance) - when you are in the percentile of performance and finding that it is relative to how everyone is doing

2. Looking at different metrics gives a holistic view of the pharmacy for both better quality of the pharmacy and patients

  • What kind of medication related problems can you find?
  • What are your interventions?
  • What kind of recommendations can you make to change therapy?
  • What are the clinical outcomes?

3. Community Pharmacies should strive for quality of the patient care over quantity of prescriptions that go out the door. 

Jake Galdo, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCGP
Course Content and Developer, CEimpact
Clinical Pharmacist, Ross Bridge Pharmacy
CEO, Seguridad, Inc

Randy P. McDonough, BS, MS, PharmD, BCGP, BCPS
CEO, Towncrest Pharmacy Corp
CIO, Seguridad, Inc

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