CEimpact Podcast

Empowering the Community Pharmacist

July 19, 2023 CEimpact
CEimpact Podcast
Empowering the Community Pharmacist
Show Notes

Episode five of the Level Up podcast features host Ashlee Klevens Hayes and guest Ed Cohen.

In this episode, we discuss a series of key talking points and questions surrounding pharmacists and their careers; 

 1. Define how pharmacists transition their mindset from feeling stuck to transitioning into empowerment.

 2. Review the different outpatient roles in the community for pharmacists.

 3. Review what the hyper-disperser role means and how to make the most of your experience working in this environment.

 4. How can pharmacists take back control of their career?

 5. What are your biggest learning lessons from your career?

 6. 5 tips to practicing pharmacists re: empowerment.
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