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Pets: A Novel Treatment for Allergies?

July 17, 2023 CEimpact
CEimpact Podcast
Pets: A Novel Treatment for Allergies?
Show Notes

The hygiene hypothesis postulates early allergen exposure mitigates allergy development in children. Join host, Geoff Wall, and guest, Jake Galdo, as they evaluate what pet parents should adopt.
The GameChanger
Prenatal and early childhood exposure to pets may decrease the incidence of severe allergy. Cats and Dogs seem to have the strongest inverse relationship to childhood allergies.
Geoff Wall, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, BCGP
Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Drake University
Internal Medicine/Critical Care, UnityPoint Health

Jake Galdo, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCGP
Course Content and Developer, CEimpact
Managing Network Facilitator, CPESN Health Equity
CEO, Seguridad

Okabe H, Hashimoto K, Yamada M, et al; Japan Environment and Children’s Study (JECS). Associations between fetal or infancy pet exposure and food allergies: The Japan Environment and Children's Study. PLoS One. 2023 Mar 29;18(3):e0282725. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0282725. PMID: 36989214; PMCID: PMC10057762.


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CPE Information
Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this knowledge-based activity, participants should be able to:
1. Discuss the potential mechanism(s) of the hygiene hypothesis
2. Describe the results of JECS and types of allergies affected by type of pet ownerships

0.05 CEU/0.5 Hr
UAN: 0107-0000-23-247-H04-P
Initial release date: 7/17/2023
Expiration date: 7/17/2024
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