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The COVID-19 Reality: An Update

October 03, 2022 CEimpact
CEimpact Podcast
The COVID-19 Reality: An Update
Show Notes

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The current reality of COVID-19 is reviewed in this episode by Dr. Katelyn Jetelina. Dr. Jetelina is an epidemiologist and author of the wildly popular Newsletter, Your Local Epidemiologist, available via Substack.   

We are losing ~400 Americans a day. During the first week of September, we lost 2,299 people. In August 2022 alone, we lost 15,284 Americans to COVID-19. This means COVID-19 remains the third leading cause of death in our repertoire of threats. And it’s largely preventable[1]. 

Pharmacists continue to support the frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This episode shares insights on the current reality as well as what you need to know about bivalent boosters, and vaccinating children.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still ‘a thing’ and the best source of protection are vaccines. The new bivalent booster vaccine provides opportunities to protect ourselves and our communities. If you, your pharmacist or technicians need Immunization Training – check out CEimpact’s VIRTUAL Administration Training.  Use discount code THANKYOU to save 10%.

Show Segments

00:00 - Introductions

03:38 - Is COVID-19 Still a Thing?

10:55 - The GameChanger: Bivalent Booster

17:15 - The Different Boosters

19:40 - Applying to Practice: Dosing

22:48 - Pediatric Considerations

28:35 - Closing Thoughts

 References and Resources

  1. 400 Americans are dying each day. We cannot accept this reality.  
  2. Virtual Immunization Administration Training 
  3. Get the CEimpact App 


John A. Galdo, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCGP (Jake)
Course Content and Developer, CEimpact
Pharmacist, Ross Bridge Pharmacy
CEO, Seguridad, Inc

Katelyn Jetelina, MPH, PhD
Publisher, Your Local Epidemiologist

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