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Metformin, Men, and Birth Defects

May 16, 2022 CEimpact Season 3 Episode 20
CEimpact Podcast
Metformin, Men, and Birth Defects
Show Notes

A recent study evaluated the role of metformin in causing birth defects, but when the men are prescribed metformin. This obstetrics study evaluates the role of the partner in risk for birth defects. Does the study change practice? Listen as host Geoff Wall discusses how pregnancy involves both partners.

The GameChanger
Emerging data suggest that male metformin use during sperm development may increase the risk of birth defects, specifically among baby boys.

Show Segments
00:00 - Introduction
01:23 - Metformin Use in Males & Birth Defects 
12:29 - The GameChanger
17:29 - Discussing Risk with Patients 
19:39 - Closing Remarks 

Geoff Wall, PharmD., BCPS, FCCP, CGP 
Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Drake University 
Internal Medicine/Critical Care, UnityPoint Health 

All relevant financial relationships have been mitigated. 

References and Resources

Preconception Antidiabetic Drugs in Men and Birth Defects in Offspring: A Nationwide Cohort Study

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Learning Objectives 
1. Describe the design for a population health study using a national database
2. Discuss what type of birth defects were associated with male metformin use in the study

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