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Sodium Reduction in Heart Failure

May 09, 2022 CEimpact Season 3 Episode 19
CEimpact Podcast
Sodium Reduction in Heart Failure
Show Notes
A low salt diet can be difficult to maintain, especially in the United States. Multiple guidelines and decades of practice have suggested dietary limitation of sodium for patients with heart failure as an essential lifestyle modification. The recently published SODIUM-HF study evaluates this recommendation and enhances the data.

The GameChanger

While a 20-25% reduction in serum sodium may not improve rates of hospitalization or mortality, it may improve a patient’s quality of life. Patients should be educated on how reducing sodium in their diet may improve their symptoms and increase their quality of life.


Geoff Wall, PharmD., BCPS, FCCP, CGP
Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Drake University
Internal Medicine/Critical Care, UnityPoint Health


Show Segments

00:00 – Introductions
01:25 – SODIUM-HF Study & Sodium in Diets
20:30 – The GameChanger
22:40 – Closing Remarks 

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References and Resources

Reduction of dietary sodium to less than 100 mmol in heart failure (SODIUM-HF): an international, open-label, randomised, controlled trial 

Continuing Education Information:

Learning Objectives:
1. Apply the data of the SODIUM-HF study to patients with heart failure
2. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the SODIUM-HF study

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ACPE UAN: 0107-0000-22-193-H01-P
Initial release date: 05/09/22
Expiration date: 05/09/2023
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