CEimpact Podcast

Pharmacy Isn't a Vending Machine

March 25, 2022 CEimpact Season 1 Episode 12
CEimpact Podcast
Pharmacy Isn't a Vending Machine
Show Notes

Are you still using post-it notes, clips, and stickers to facilitate your Pharmacy's workflow? You aren't alone - many of us are using tactile tools to run our pharmacies. Even if you are leveraging technology, can you confidently say you are maximizing it? 

We've come to the point that maximizing technology isn't a choice; it's necessary to save our profession. This episode digs into what pharmacy practice should look like - centering dispensing on the knowledge the pharmacist provides which both maximizes outcomes and ensures safe medication use. 

In this episode, Community Pharmacist Joe Williams shares his thoughts on the type of pharmacy practice we need to implement to save our profession.  As much as technology supports practice, it doesn't remove the human element. Learn how putting the pharmacist at the center of dispensing can be done through technology. 

Segments you don’t want to miss:

5:30 - Pharmacies aren’t just vending machines

9:58 - The biggest mistake our profession has made…and what we need to do

12:25 - Technology – it doesn’t replace a Pharmacist – it allows us to survive

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