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Semaglutide or Liraglutide for Weight Loss?

February 14, 2022 CEimpact Season 3 Episode 7
CEimpact Podcast
Semaglutide or Liraglutide for Weight Loss?
Show Notes

Weight gain can impact patient’s quality of life and put them at risk for health complications. While weight loss can be an important factor in a patient’s health, it is equally important that it is done safely and effectively. Listen in as host, Geoff Wall compares the safety and efficacy of semaglutide and liraglutide in weight loss. 

The GameChanger:

  • Based on a recent Phase-3 study, semaglutide appears to be more effective in weight loss than liraglutide 
  • Semaglutide also appeared to have modest effects on decreasing systolic blood pressure, blood sugar, lipid concentrations, and serum insulin levels
  • GLP-1 agonists are expensive medications – patients should be made aware of the of the associated cost as a part of patient centered care 

Show Segments:

00:00 – Introductions

01:10 – GLP-1s Agonist (Semaglutide vs Liraglutide) in Weight Management

10:00 – Change in Body Weight 

12:02 – Secondary Outcomes – Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Lipid Concentrations, & Serum Insulin

12:59 – Safety & Side Effects

14:15 – Cost

14:52 – The GameChanger

17:20 – Closing Remarks

Links to Resources:

Effects of Weekly Subcutaneous Semaglutide vs Daily Liraglutide on Body Weight in Adults with Overweight or Obesity Without Diabetes

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1. Describe the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the STEP 8 study
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